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Climbing in The Red

Posted on 09/14/11 by Andrew 1 Comment

This past Labor Day I headed to Red River Gorge on what has now become an annual rock climbing trip. I love climbing. There is something about climbing a wall that takes away all the stress. Its like the wall takes it from you and when your done your free from all the crap that […]

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Adventure Journal: Backpacking Lake Vesuvius

Posted on 11/10/10 by Andrew No Comments

This past weekend I went on a backpacking trip to Lake Vesuvius in Ironton, Ohio. Other than Honduras this is the first time I camped while carrying all my gear. Here are some pics from the weekend. Our home for the first night Dun Don doing some flame writing Trying to find the trail Dun […]

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Adventure Journal: Red River Gorge Round Two

Posted on 09/10/10 by Andrew No Comments
DSC_0251 copy

On top of the Indian Staircase… The story goes that the Adena Indians lived on top of this rock and they used the footholds to make it easier to get to their home. Another pic on top of the staircase. The cool thing about the Indian Staircase is that there is no trail leading to […]

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Adventure Journal: Red River Gorge Trip

Posted on 09/09/10 by Andrew No Comments
DSC_0048 copy

Welcome to my Adventure Journal. My Adventure Journal is a new series of blog posts that will chronicle my adventures. This past weekend some friends and I headed to Red River Gorge to stay at Cabins of Quiet Waters, which is a resort that my friend Jeremy owns and operates along with his family. Here […]

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100 Mile Bike Trip Round 2

Posted on 07/15/10 by Andrew 2 Comments

Here is the story of part 2 of our journey: Our original plan was to stay at a hotel in Xenia, Ohio. When we arrived at the hotel it was already booked up. I would have never thought a hotel in Xenia would have booked up. Oh well, it turned out for the better. I […]

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100 Mile Bike Trip

Posted on 07/14/10 by Andrew 3 Comments

This past weekend some friends and I headed out to ride 100 miles in one weekend. Our starting point was the Loveland Bike Trail and are destination was Yellow Springs, Ohio, which is near Springfield, Ohio. It was a great trip and aside from some sore muscles and a minor flat tire on the way […]

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The Bucket List Update

Posted on 05/28/10 by Andrew No Comments

I was able to cross off two and half (will explain in a minute) tasks on my bucket list so far this year. The first one was the mission trip to another country and not watching TV for a week which also happened while was in Honduras. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone. […]

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