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The Matrix on Windows

Posted on 12/04/08 by Andrew No Comments

Halloween Chipotle Adventure

Posted on 11/01/08 by Andrew No Comments

Tonight was fun… dressed up in tinfoil and got free chipotle! Enjoy the pics! Jen posing with her awesome tinfoil outfit! Me getting ready to enjoy my free burrito! yum…. Me enjoying my burrito! The karate kid… part of the crew

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look out mcgriddle… its the doughnut-ham hamburger

Posted on 10/29/08 by Andrew 1 Comment

I had to post this as a tribute to Jim Gaffigan…one of my favorite comedians. the doughnut ham hamburger… I think if I ate this I would go into cardiac arrest. Here are some of my favorite Jim Gaffigan Clips. This is a audio clip of some lady who is a christian who is offended […]

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