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I Remember the Christmas When…

Posted on 12/29/11 by Andrew 1 Comment

Some of the memories I have from Christmas. Post yours in the comments.

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Building the Perfect Thanksgiving Fire

Posted on 11/24/11 by Andrew No Comments

It is a tradition to build a Thanksgiving fire. My Dad taught me a few things about building a fire. I added some of my own steps to the mix. Follow these steps to build one of your own and start building some memories of your own.

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Christmas Memories

Posted on 12/25/10 by Andrew No Comments

Christmas time is difficult without my Dad. He loved Christmas. He loved spending time with his family. We always made a day of decorating, listening to Christmas music by Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby and Andy Williams on the record player (the only way to listen to Christmas music in my opinion) and baking cookies. […]

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The 12 Beers of Christmas

Posted on 12/25/10 by Andrew 2 Comments

The men in my small group decided to do what every man should do around Christmas time. A beer exchange! We each brought two six packs of the same beer and we each left with twelve different beers. So there you have it… The twelve beers of Christmas!

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Dear Santa…

Posted on 12/16/10 by Andrew No Comments

On a whole, I am tired of the focus that is put on consumerism as it relates to our happiness. But alas, there are some things I do want/need for Christmas. 1. The Kindle. This probably falls into the category of a need and a want. It will save me money in the long run […]

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Easter Pics 2010

Posted on 04/07/10 by Andrew No Comments

Mom thought Mike needed an apron so he would not get his shirt dirty! I am sure he was thrilled. Mike probably realizing that everyone is taking pictures and then he realizes that they will be posted on facebook! Amie made her first cheesecake… it was awesome! Amie cutting her first piece! mmmm.. it was […]

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Easter Pics

Posted on 04/15/09 by Andrew No Comments

Amie my niece, seemed like yesterday when she was a baby… she is turning 16 in June. Clayton came over to my sister’s to enjoy some Easter dinner. Emily my cousin and my worst nightmare (inside joke). She is going to Ohio State for Biomedical Engineering. Emily’s new tattoo! Sarah my niece, she loves it […]

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Random Picture Post

Posted on 01/17/09 by Andrew No Comments

These are some pictures from Christmas eve from my sister’s house. Outside shot of my sister’s house Another house in the neighborhood. Pics of the bar The theater room

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New Years Eve Shennagians

Posted on 01/05/09 by Andrew 5 Comments

New Years this year was fun. Here are the pictures from the night… enjoy! Meet Claudia… she is Clayton’s cousin and she is from Germany. She was in town for a family wedding. Jen loved her because she brought her favorite kind of wine. Brooke is going to love me for this! Bill and his […]

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Christmas Slideshow 2008

Posted on 12/29/08 by Andrew 1 Comment

Christmas Slideshow 2008 from Andrew Hughes on Vimeo.

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