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Around the Farm

Posted on 07/06/12 by Andrew No Comments

Before we headed out to the mountains we did some work around the farm or the mission base. This is where teams arrive and are stationed before they leave for the mountains. At this point in the trip we still have beds, toilets and showers. No flushing of the TP permitted and it is recommended that everyone takes three minute showers to conserve the hot water. There is a possibility of scorpions climbing under the sheets… so nightly inspections are required.

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Along the Dirt Path

Posted on 07/02/12 by Andrew 3 Comments

A long time has passed since the Honduras trip. It has taken me awhile to process and get to the point where I want to write about the experience on my blog. A large part of the men’s trip is to challenge ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. We get plenty of opportunity to do all […]

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The Artistic Side of Las Mangas

Posted on 06/22/11 by Andrew No Comments

I explored with my camera in hand around the property of where were staying. I got some great artistic shots of different stuff that was scattered about. Enjoy…

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Trip to the Mountains

Posted on 06/12/11 by Andrew 4 Comments

Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Honduras is more like spring break in Panama City. Everyone from different parts of Honduras visits La Ceiba for this special week. I have yet to figure out what exactly is holy about this week, but it was cool to experience spring break Honduran style. Our host family invited us […]

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Lending A Helping Hand Part Two

Posted on 06/01/11 by Andrew 2 Comments

In the previous post I mentioned how an old hobby of mine was recently brought back to life. When I was ten years old, I learned my first magic trick. Magic has always been a hobby of mine, but I’ve gone through phases where I would not touch it for a long time, and then […]

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Lending A Helping Hand

Posted on 05/25/11 by Andrew 3 Comments

Our host family in Honduras connected us with a school that needed money for construction materials to build an add-on to an existing class room. After our first visit, we realized just how much they needed this room. There were three small classrooms and multiple grades met in each one. The teacher also taught multiple […]

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Private Tour of Cayos Cochinos Part Two

Posted on 05/21/11 by Andrew 2 Comments

I know… you’ve been waiting patiently all day for more beautiful pics of Cayos… well wait no longer cause below the pics await for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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Private Tour of Cayos Cochinos

Posted on 05/19/11 by Andrew No Comments

For Easter weekend Maria, Mallory and I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Cayos thanks to our friends Ana and Demetri. They rented a boat so we could go island hoping when we wanted and we stayed in a hostel on East End where Ana works. It was an amazing weekend… it truly […]

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Home Sweet Home

Posted on 05/14/11 by Andrew No Comments

It is great being home back in the states but that is not what this blog post is about. It is amazing how quickly our new home felt like home. I could not wait to get back after a long day and relax in my bed (even though it was 100 degrees). So here is a tour of our home in Honduras along with some video. Enjoy!

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Random Photography from Honduras

Posted on 05/09/11 by Andrew No Comments

I have been state side for going on a week and I am glad to be back in the warm embrace of my high speed internets! I would have liked to blogged more in Honduras but with the internet being so slow it took a long time to put together a blog post. Now that […]

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