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War Retreat Photos

Posted on 07/22/11 by Andrew 4 Comments

This past weekend men from Vineyard Westside went to Red River Gorge for a war retreat. What is a war retreat, you ask? It’s a retreat where men get together and do manly stuff. For example, there probably will be drinking of beer, the smoking of cigars, chopping wood with an ax (every man should […]

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What Are You Worth?

Posted on 10/19/10 by Andrew 2 Comments

I sat in a church pew this past Sunday and thought about one thing… What am I worth? I am not talking about how much money I have in the bank account or how much stuff I own. What value do I have to God, society, my friends, my family and strangers? Am I living […]

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Becoming a Man of Action

Posted on 08/08/10 by Andrew No Comments
Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 5.19.53 PM

About a month ago Ryan challenged the men in our small group to go off by ourselves and ask God what we needed to hear. I did not hear anything at first (probably because I was peeing on a tree) but about 5 minutes of being silent before God, I heard Him speak. I did […]

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My Dad the Coach

Posted on 06/25/10 by Andrew 3 Comments

My Dad loved to coach to kids. His passion was baseball but he also coached basketball and soccer. He also coached me on how to play golf and coached me on how to be a honorable man. He coached all three of his kids in various sports, but he even coached when his kids were […]

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The World Race

Posted on 05/13/10 by Andrew 1 Comment

Coming off this mission trip to Honduras a changed person I  have been looking for the next adventure God has for me. I never thought I would have a heart for mission work but I can not wait to go on my next adventure. I found one adventure that I will do in the near […]

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Final Preparations

Posted on 04/18/10 by Andrew 2 Comments

Its hard to pack for trip where your really not sure what is the best items to take. That is my day for today+homework and hopefully I will have narrowed it down so I am not carrying too much in my pack. A couple of days ago I posted Ryan’s talk about his time in […]

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Gaining A New Perspective

Posted on 04/15/10 by Andrew No Comments

I have been gaining a new perspective on life recently. It all started when Ryan when on a mission trip to Kenya to blog about his experience. Here is his talk synced up with the pictures he took on the trip. Its about 45 minutes but its well worth it, especially to hear Eliud’s story […]

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Night by Elie Wiesel

Posted on 03/16/10 by Andrew 1 Comment

I wrote a book review on this for my survey of world views class. If you have not read this book go get it and read it… It will be tough to get through at times but it is well worth it. Night chronicles the life of Elie Wiesel as he was persecuted as a […]

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Living Life to the Fullest…

Posted on 03/06/10 by Andrew No Comments

What does it mean to live life to the fullest? This is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately. Often we think of living life to the fullest means being able to buy whatever and whenever we want. What if living life to fullest means giving up some of those possessions to […]

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Posted on 11/21/08 by Andrew 1 Comment

I was browsing through some old journal entries, this one I wrote on October 3, 2002. It was not until recently, when I departed from “religion” that I began to understand my relationship with God. My departure from church was an attempt to grow closer to God. I did not want to go to church […]

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