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The Weekly Buzz: Google TV

Posted on 09/12/10 by Andrew 3 Comments

There is without a doubt that Google wants to have its share in all the cool things around the net. So when they announced there new product called Google TV, I was not surprised. The Buzz: The buzz around the net is online TV. With sites like Hulu and major networks offering shows online, it […]

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The Weekly Buzz

Posted on 08/31/10 by Andrew No Comments

Welcome to The Weekly Buzz. Once or twice a week I will post about some buzz topics centered around technology/computers that I think are interesting. Buzz Topic #1: Netflix App for the Iphone I love the Iphone and Netlflix, so when the Netflix App came out I was super excited. The app allows you to […]

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How to Fix Facebook Places Privacy Settings

Posted on 08/26/10 by Andrew No Comments

Facebook by default makes some bad choices when it comes to privacy settings. Here is a short video I did on how to fix Facebook Places privacy settings. Also check out the Wired how to article How to Fix Facebook Places Privacy Settings.

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Facebook Update on Iphone

Posted on 08/20/10 by Andrew No Comments
Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 5.03.05 PM

I am testing my video/audio recording equipment that I just got. This is a trial run and when I role out the new blog layout I will be implementing more video posts. Iphone/Facebook Update from Andrew Hughes on Vimeo.

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The Hacker

Posted on 12/02/09 by Andrew No Comments

It is interesting what people think about when they hear the word hacker. You mention the word hacker and people think you are evil and up to no good. To learn more about hackers check out this video of Darren Kitchen from Hak5. Hak5 is a great place to start if you are interested in […]

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Attack of the Spyware

Posted on 09/30/09 by Andrew No Comments

Browsing some websites within google I stumbled upon this page. Being on a Mac sites like this do not affect me… but on a windows computer it would have been a different story. As you can tell from the picture above it resembles a windows machine and wants you to download a scanner to scan […]

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April Fools Day/Update on Conficker

Posted on 04/01/09 by Andrew No Comments

I got my Mom good today with an April Fools Joke! I printed off a paper that I just turned in and wrote the grade “F” on it and showed it to her and told her the reason why I got an “F” was on the back of the paper. She was mad…but at first […]

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Its Happy Macbook Pro Day!

Posted on 12/11/08 by Andrew 1 Comment

My macbook pro finally arrived. I am so excited. My macbook pro in its fresh new box waiting to be opened… by me! Its so beautiful! First time out of the box… we were both a bit nervous. First boot up… Macbook’s new home… I soon will be hooking up to the 2nd monitor! All […]

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The new xbox live experience

Posted on 11/11/08 by Andrew No Comments

In nine days, on November 19th the new xbox fall update will arrive. Included in this update is a much needed redesign of the interface. You will be able to do alot with your friends. Create partys with up to 8 people and it will be social network with your friends where you can chat […]

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