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Disney World Vacation: Animal Kingdom

Posted on 03/12/11 by Andrew No Comments

Its Saturday… and I usually do not blog on the weekend. But I have tons of pictures from our vacation to Disney and want to get them up for your viewing pleasure. These are pictures from our day at Animal Kingdom. Enjoy!

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Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

Posted on 03/11/11 by Andrew No Comments

One of my other favorite attractions at Hollywood Studios is the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. Its a full functioning movie set where they show you a behind the scenes look at how movies are made. There is enough action in the show to make any man drool… cars, guns and explosions. There are […]

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios Round Two

Posted on 03/10/11 by Andrew No Comments

In Hollywood Studios there is the Streets of America attraction which are two streets, one resembling New York and the other San Francisco. Its essentially a movie set and the attention to detail is amazing. You will notice in a picture below there is a clothes line hanging in a back alley. There is also two pictures of my favorite rides at Hollywood Studios, Rock n Roll Coaster and The Hollywood Tower Hotel.

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Posted on 03/03/11 by Andrew No Comments

Day three of our Disney vacation was spent at one of my favorite parks, Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Sarah and I also decided to head over to the breakfast buffet to eat some waffles shaped like mickey mouse. Sarah and I after eating, headed back to our resort to catch the ferry. We found out the […]

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Disney World Vacation: Magic Kingdom

Posted on 02/24/11 by Andrew No Comments

Day two of our trip consisted of our first park of the trip… Magic Kingdom! There was also a lot of walking (remember Disney is not relaxing) and lots of eating.

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Disney World Vacation Day One

Posted on 02/11/11 by Andrew 1 Comment

It has gone on two weeks since I have been back from the happiest place on earth and I am finally re-aclimating myself back to normal life. I will say one thing about Disney… it’s not a relaxing vacation. If you like sitting on a beach accompanied by a drink with an umbrella sticking out […]

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