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Night Pictures

Posted on 01/19/09 by Andrew 1 Comment

I ventured into the cold to take some pics at about 2 am. There was a fresh  dusting of snow on the ground. I have been waiting to get some snow pictures all winter. I am still waiting for a snow storm to get the pics I want but these will have to do for […]

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Dale and Nikki’s Wedding

Posted on 12/15/08 by Andrew 2 Comments

Went to a wedding on Saturday. It was great to see Dale get married. I grew up with Dale and for all he has been through he has kept his head up through it all. His mom would be proud of the man he has become. I snapped some awesome pictures at his wedding. The […]

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Its Happy Macbook Pro Day!

Posted on 12/11/08 by Andrew 1 Comment

My macbook pro finally arrived. I am so excited. My macbook pro in its fresh new box waiting to be opened… by me! Its so beautiful! First time out of the box… we were both a bit nervous. First boot up… Macbook’s new home… I soon will be hooking up to the 2nd monitor! All […]

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Random Stuff

Posted on 12/09/08 by Andrew No Comments

This is a random post. I have been sick since Sunday and I don’t like it. I have been downing nyquil by the gallons… well not really I am sure I would  be dead if I did that. got my class schedule today… start classes on January 20th. I never thought I would be going […]

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Night Walk

Posted on 12/08/08 by Andrew 2 Comments

On Saturday night… well I guess it was early Sunday morning, at about 2 am I went for a night walk. This also happened to be the coldest night that we have had this year due to the wind. I went out to clear my head and with fresh fallen snow I thought I could […]

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Turkey Day Snapshots

Posted on 11/28/08 by Andrew 2 Comments

I had a great turkey day… spending time with family, eating endless amounts of food, drinking some Thanksgiving beer, and no work. The Thanksgiving table… I used my fisheye lens on this pic. close up of the centerpiece my mom my first Thanksgiving dish that I made… I got the recipe from pioneer woman. Spanish […]

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Happy Turkey Day!

Posted on 11/27/08 by Andrew No Comments

HalloThankaChristmaNew 2008

Posted on 11/23/08 by Andrew 1 Comment

HalloThankaChristmaNew… is only the coolest party around. You celebrate all 4 holidays in one night. You come dressed in a costume, you eat turkey, you do a gift exchange, a champagne toast at midnight, and you consume endless amounts of booze… although I could not cause I had to work later that night. I took […]

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Pics from Ryan and Carrie's Wedding

Posted on 11/01/08 by Andrew No Comments

Ryan and Carrie’s wedding was a lot of fun but what made it awesome was these two kids dressed up in army outfits outside of the church with fake guns shooting wedding attendees as they went in. I for one thought this was hilarious and I also thought who lets their kids do this. But […]

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Halloween Chipotle Adventure

Posted on 11/01/08 by Andrew No Comments

Tonight was fun… dressed up in tinfoil and got free chipotle! Enjoy the pics! Jen posing with her awesome tinfoil outfit! Me getting ready to enjoy my free burrito! yum…. Me enjoying my burrito! The karate kid… part of the crew

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