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Building the Perfect Thanksgiving Fire

Posted on 11/24/11 by Andrew No Comments

It is a tradition to build a Thanksgiving fire. My Dad taught me a few things about building a fire. I added some of my own steps to the mix. Follow these steps to build one of your own and start building some memories of your own.

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The 12 Beers of Christmas

Posted on 12/25/10 by Andrew 2 Comments

The men in my small group decided to do what every man should do around Christmas time. A beer exchange! We each brought two six packs of the same beer and we each left with twelve different beers. So there you have it… The twelve beers of Christmas!

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Skills Every Man Should Learn and Master

Posted on 09/25/10 by Andrew 6 Comments

Here are some skills every man should learn how to do… you never know you might impress a lady while your at it. Read a map and a use a compass to navigate. Lets face it men have a knack for getting lost. It is probably because of our sense of adventure and exploration. But […]

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The Man Post #1

Posted on 01/12/09 by Andrew 3 Comments

Welcome to a new series of posts I will be doing titled The Man Post. I will be covering all things that are considered “manly”.  Manly is an adjective corresponding to manliness, manhood or masculinity—embodying the essence of being a man. Every picture will have link on it, so all you have to do is […]

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