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Before we headed out to the mountains we did some work around the farm or the mission base. This is where teams arrive and are stationed before they leave for the mountains. At this point in the trip we still have beds, toilets and showers. No flushing of the TP permitted and it is recommended that everyone takes three minute showers to conserve the hot water. There is a possibility of scorpions climbing under the sheets… so nightly inspections are required. Enough chit chat… enjoy the photos!

Mr. Pibb himself commanding the troops on the ampi-theater project

Mr. Bill Folop carving out the seating area for the ampi-theater

Jon and Ryan at the ampi-theater project

The Texans doing what Texans do… Welding and chewing tobacco

Mr. Bill Blake mixing concrete Honduras style… and chewing tobacco

Some of the guys from both teams joined together to build a chicken coop

Jim Manderschied aka the master carpenter… I wish I could build stuff like this guy… maybe someday

Coffee grinder that is used… to make coffee

Raimo Jones, the humble leader of the Texans and an all around great guy

Walking the streets of La Esperanza I snapped this photo. Apparently everyone loves Elmo…

This is either decoration or it does have a functional purpose… traction and boot cleaner

One of the views from the city tour

How roads are made in Honduras

Ryan the morning of the hike to the mountains… that is the look one gets when he realizes he could get extreme diarrhea without the use of modern toilet technology

Jimbo and Jon before the long car ride to the mountains…

RIP Joe Brink… I had the honor of going to Honduras with Joe… Jimbo wears his vest to remember and honor his memory.

Ryan second guessing his decision to ride in the back of the truck

This is after a long van ride/truck ride to the launching point of another long trip… but this time it is on foot… check out the photos from the hike –> Along the Dirt Path

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