The Bucket List

So here is a list of all things I want to do before I die. The list is not complete and honestly it will never be. The more I grow as a person and a christian I will be adding more to this list.

Need some help creating a bucket list? Check out this post titled, The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Bucket List.

1. Finish my four year degree – Technically as of a few weeks ago I have the credits to have a four-year degree but since I am going to get more schooling I won’t have the degree in my hands yet (2010)

2. Quit UPS

3. Go skydiving

4. Get all my Microsoft certifications

5. Buy a Mac (2009)

6. Get a tattoo

7. Go scuba diving

8. Buy a Harley

9. Get married

10.  Have some kids

11.  Buy a house

12. Own all three current game systems

13.  Never use a credit card for anything…ever!

14.  Write an iphone app

15.  Get to my target weight of 190-200

16.  Pay off all my school loans

17.  Be free of all debt

18.  Learn to play the guitar

19.  See the Statue of Liberty

20.  Get my masters degree in information technology

21.  Get Mac certifications

22.  Get all my A+ certifications

23.  Get as many computer security certifications as I can

24.  Visit Ireland during St. Patty’s Day

25.  Go on a backpacking trip out west

26.  Visit/hike the Grand Canyon

27.  Make an aerial photography rig

28.  Take pictures from a kite

29.  Take a picture in every state and country

30.  Go sailing

31.  Update my house with all new technology and use as many “green” methods as possible

32.  Add on to my house and make the ultimate man cave

33.  Make the entrance to the man cave be a secret door that looks like a bookcase

34.  Have a pool put in along with a hot tub

35.  Make it so I don’t have the cut the grass in the backyard

36.  Make a putting green

37.  Make a corn hole set

38.  Have a vacation home preferably on a beach

39.  Visit Hawaii and do the hula dance with some Hawaiian beauty’s

40.  Visit the Hoover Dam

41. Buy an iphone

42.  Have a successful career

43.  Make enough money so I don’t have to worry about it ever again

44.  Make my home completely automated

45.  Work only one job at one time

46.  Actually go on vacation on all 4 weeks I get from ups instead of sitting at home

47. Go on a mission trip in another country (Visited Honduras in 2010)

48.  Visit the Great Wall of China

49.  Build a digital photo frame

50.  Buy a kayak and use it on the Colorado River

51.  Go fishing in the Colorado River

52.  Use the Disney time share to visit other countries

53.  Go hiking in Saranac, New York

54.  Go bungee jumping

55.  Bike 100 miles in one weekend (read part one of this story –>100 mile bike ride part one and when your finished don’t forget part two–>100 mile bike ride part two)

56.  Sponsor a kid through Compassion International

57.  Finish a week of survival training @ Tom Brown’s School of Survival

58.  Go a whole week without watching any tv (Happened while I was in Honduras, 2010)

59. Cut out TV completely and only watch shows I enjoy online or on dvd

60. Learn Spanish

61. Go to Colorado and herd some cattle on horses city slickers style!

62. Go on The World Race. A mission trip where you visit 11 countries in 11 months and living out of a backpack. –> The World Race Website

63. Finish the 300 workout… what is the 300 workout you ask?? Its crazy…even crazier then P90X. It was developed for the actors in the movie of 300 to bulk up. In brief it is…

a) Pullups – 25 reps

b) Deadlifts with 135lbs – 50 reps

c) Pushups – 50 reps

d) 24-inch Box jumps – 50 reps

e) Floor wipers – 50 reps

f) Single-arm Clean-and-Press with 36lbs Kettlebell – 50 reps

g) Pullups – 25 reps

To get an idea of how intense this is here is a video of each exercise.

If you want to read more about it go here –> 300 Workout Article

64. Finish a triathlon

65. Hike the AT

66. Visit the Himalayas and do some tea hut trekking

67. Visit Everest base camp