Climbing in The Red

Posted on September 14, 2011 by Andrew 1 Comment

This past Labor Day I headed to Red River Gorge on what has now become an annual rock climbing trip. I love climbing. There is something about climbing a wall that takes away all the stress. Its like the wall takes it from you and when your done your free from all the crap that was clouding your spirit and your mind. This happens because when you are climbing a wall your focus is solely on that wall and nothing else… you can’t afford to be thinking about anything else. The wall demands your attention and you give it. Its not always about making to the top either… its more about the journey to the top and what you did to get there. Similar to life… I want to live a journey led life… I don’t want to focus on the end result… I want to share life with people and continue the journey with the people I meet.

We stayed at Cabins of Quite Waters nestled in the hills of Slade, Ky. Natural Bridge State Park is their next door neighbor and Red River Gorge is close by as well. It is always a treat to stay at the cabins. Jeremy and Sonya always make us feel welcome and offer a relaxing environment. I will be doing some promo work for them to help with their presence on the interwebs…stay tuned for more info regarding that.

Enjoy the pics!

Baby D ready to climb with helmet and all…

Krista on the wall

At this rate Baby D will be climbing alongside us…

Meet Neal. This was his first time climbing in the outdoors.

Neal had incredible endurance on the wall… which are good qualities to have as a climber.

Neal nearing the top of his climb…

Neal was on cloud nine all day long… getting out to climb was something he had wanted to cross off his bucket list and he did it during this weekend. It is motivating to be there when this happens… you feel their energy and it inspires you to achieve and work harder.

Part of what Jeremy does is taking people who are staying in his cabins out climbing and teaching them ropes (no pun intended). If this sounds like an adventure you’ve been wanting to cross off your bucket list… go ahead… book your stay with Cabins of Quite Waters… you will not regret it.

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