War Retreat Photos

Posted on July 22, 2011 by Andrew 4 Comments

This past weekend men from Vineyard Westside went to Red River Gorge for a war retreat. What is a war retreat, you ask? It’s a retreat where men get together and do manly stuff. For example, there probably will be drinking of beer, the smoking of cigars, chopping wood with an ax (every man should at least do this once in his lifetime), fire building challenges, physical labor, camaraderie and figuring out what it means to be a “real man” for God and those around you.

The object in this challenge was to lower the tent pole to the ground and your two fingers must stay in contact with the pole.

Tug O War… War Retreat style on logs.

The riddle we could not figure out… and as a result we had to roll the dice to see what we had to eat…. octopus, seaweed or a Habanero pepper.

We rolled and we had to eat the Habanero… it was so hot my eyeballs were sweating!!

Resorting to chugging a beer to cool off your mouth was apparently the right choice!

For our work project we built a balance beam team building challenge.

“Big Bad” Bob Turner aka my Irish brother.

“Big Bad” Bob Turner on the balance beam.

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